61 Self-Care Tips for Busy Moms to Make Your Life More Peaceful

mom needs self-care tips for busy moms

Who has time for self-care? After focusing on the needs of my daughters, my husband, my job, the house, it seems like there is very little time or energy left for myself. Can you relate? There is always a long list of tasks that need to be completed or events we have to go to, and while many things that we do may be fun and enjoyable, constantly being on the go can make life feel very overwhelming. On those days that I do find time to do something for myself – even if it is just for ten minutes – I feel calmer, more present, and happier, and it helps me be a better mom. Having some self-care tips for busy moms as part of your daily routine can help so much.

Self-care is about consciously doing something for you, something that will help you relax and feel good about yourself. It is something that you find enjoyable, not just something that you are doing because it’s on your to-do list. It’s not selfish to make yourself a priority.

Self-Care Tips for Busy Moms

Self-care can become part of your daily routine if you find self-care tips for moms that you really enjoy doing that also do not take up much time. I would love a full day at the spa but these days it is very hard to find a completely free day to do that. Many of the tips I will give you are short, or do not have a set time commitment, so you can set aside however much time you are able to for yourself. Here are my favorite self-care tips for busy moms!

1. Write in a journal.

Journaling for self-care is one of the most freeing activities. As moms we have so many things running through our brains. Things we have to get done, things we are worried about, feelings we are holding on to..Answering questions for self-reflection and purging thoughts from our brain can be incredibly helpful.

2. Buy yourself a new outfit.

Online shopping makes buying an outfit so quick these days. Buy something to wear for a date night or some other special event you have coming up.

3. Light a scented candle.

Lavender is a very calming scent, or choose any scent you like. Light the candle, close your eyes, and really pay attention to the smell.

4. Meditate.

You can easily find a five or ten minute meditation. Just taking a break and focusing on a meditation can really help free the mind.

5. Drink a cup of herbal tea.

Brew a cup of herbal tea and find a comfortable place to sit down. Feel the warmth of the mug. Close your eyes, take a sip, and pay attention to the taste.

6. Read some motivational quotes.

Search for “mom motivational quotes” and you will find an endless amount of possibilities. I’m sure you will find a quote or two that really resonates with you.

7. Turn off your phone.

Turn off your phone, computer, and any other electronics. Just focus on being present.

8. Practice affirmations.

Let go of motherhood myths. Search for affirmations that have special meaning to you online or buy some affirmation cards so you always have some handy. Read the affirmations over and over until you start to believe them.

9. Daydream.

Let your mind wander freely. Let yourself feel whatever you are feeling.

10. Read a book chapter.

Reading is one of my favorite self-care activities. There was a time when I thought I was too busy to read, so I starting to set small goals for myself such as reading one chapter. If finishing a chapter seems like too much, then try to just read a certain number of pages. Even better, you can create a cozy mom reading nook where you can enjoy your books!

mom reading book, book is one of best self-care gifts for moms

11. Squeeze a stress ball.

Squeezing a stress ball can really help relieve some frustration. I love to keep one handy.

12. Do a self-massage.

Use your fingers to massage your scalp, face, or a sore area of your body. I have also recommended some electronic massagers as great self-care gifts for moms. Most of these massagers go through a cycle in twenty minutes or less.

13. Color.

Bring out your inner child and do some coloring! You can find an adult coloring book that will give you some laughs, printable self-care tools for moms where you can color some positive affirmations, or color with your child for a while. Coloring can be very soothing.

14. Put on fuzzy socks.

Who doesn’t like fuzzy socks? I love ones with funny sayings on the bottom too.

15. Curl up under a blanket.

Find a comfortable spot and curl up under a blanket. Let your body relax. It’s almost second nature for me to get under a blanket when I put my feet up on the couch!

16. Practice gratitude.

Start by writing down five things you are grateful for. You may be surprised, that list can grow quickly!

17. Try 4-7-8 breathing.

Inhale through your nose for four counts, hold for seven counts, and then exhale for eight counts. This technique can really help calm you when you are feeling tense.

18. Write a letter to yourself.

You can choose to write a letter to yourself as a child or write a letter to your current self. What would you tell your child-self? What are you proud of yourself for today? Write the letter and then read it a few days later.

19. Do nothing.

Just sit in quiet and peace.

20. Go for a walk.

Go for a sensory walk around the block. Pay attention to what you see and hear. Look up at the sky. Enjoy being outside.

pin for 61 self-care tips for busy moms

21. Practice positive self-talk.

Get in front of a mirror and talk to yourself. What are five positive things about yourself? You can also pretend that you are talking to your best friend and give yourself advice about whatever is bothering you.

22. Exercise.

Exercising is another favorite self-care activity of mine. I was never someone that liked to exercise but now being a mom of two I need to do it. It’s not about losing weight, I do it for my mental health. Finishing a tough ride on my Peloton, lifting heavier weights for the first time, or throwing some punches in a shadowboxing class gives me such a mental high. Getting through a tough workout gives you confidence and makes you better able to get through tough times in life too. Stock up on some health and fitness gifts for moms so you feel even more enticed to exercise.

23. Listen to calming music.

Find a comfortable spot to relax, put on some calming music, and close your eyes.

24. Do yoga.

Restorative yoga can especially be very rejuvenating. Find a video in any style that you enjoy and do some yoga at home or head to your local yoga studio for an in-person class.

25. Sit outside in the sun.

Find a sunny spot, put on your sunglasses and look up at the sun. Feel the sun’s warmth on your body and get some Vitamin D!

26. Listen to a podcast.

There are so many podcasts for moms to choose from these days! Find one by your favorite celebrity or one on a fun topic you enjoy.

27. Drink water.

Drink an ice cold glass of water with lemon. Putting lemon or lime in my water helps me relax since it reminds me of being at a spa.

28. Video call a friend.

It is hard enough to find free time in my schedule, so finding time when one of my best friends is free at the same time seems next to impossible. Having a quick video call with a friend can be almost as good as actually being together.

29. Relax on a hammock.

Lay down on a hammock on a beautiful sunny day. Do nothing, get some reading done or take a nap!

30. Eat a meal alone.

Go out to a restaurant or eat your favorite meal by yourself at home. I don’t know about you but when I eat with my kids someone is always climbing on me, asking for something, or wanting to try my food, so a meal alone sounds like heaven to me. Just to be able to breathe and enjoy what I am eating!

mom eating

31. Use essential oils.

Use some essential oils in a diffuser and relax and enjoy the smell. You can also do this while taking a bath.

32. Plan your next vacation.

Start small. Planning an entire vacation can take a while but research locations. If you know where you want to go then research hotels or restaurants in the area. I love having a trip to look forward to.

33. Write out a bucket list.

Dream up your bucket list and write it all down. What are some things you would do if money or time were not an object? Writing your dreams down can help manifest them into reality.

34. Take a drive.

Get in the car by yourself, put on your favorite radio station, and drive somewhere or nowhere. You won’t have to worry about someone saying “Mommy, are we there yet?”

35. Go outside barefoot.

Go outside barefoot and walk through the grass. Pay attention to the feeling of grass on your feet. It can help ground you and clear your mind.

36. Practice mindfulness.

Sit in peace and quiet. Take note of one thing you see, one thing you hear, one thing you smell, one thing you feel, and one thing you can taste. Having a few minutes of mindfulness can help calm you down when you are feeling very stressed.

37. Make a to-do list.

When I have a million things that I have to remember to do running through my brain I feel like my head is going to explode. Write out everything you can think of and review it regularly.

38. Do one item on the to-do list.

Take out your to-do list and get one item done, like ordering Mommy and Me Halloween costumes. Choose the item that is the quickest to do. Crossing an item off your to-do list can feel like such an accomplishment!

39. Buy a new pair of shoes.

Do some more online shopping and pick out a pair of shoes to go with your new date night or special occasion outfit.

40. Go on a bike ride.

Go for a bike ride through your neighborhood or on a scenic bike path. Similar to the sensory walk, take notice of what you see and hear.

mom riding bike

41. Schedule a doctor appointment.

There have been many times when I told myself that I would make a routine doctor appointment when things calmed down. Prioritize yourself and make your annual gynecologist or dermatologist appointment instead of just waiting until you get around to it.

42. Play a video game.

Bring out your inner child and play a video game that you loved as a kid.

43. Put on a face mask.

Put on a face mask, lie down, and just relax. Pretend you are at a spa. Your skin will thank you!

44. Give out a hug.

Hug your child, your partner, or someone else special to you. Make it a good hug. Hold on tightly, close your eyes, and smile.

45. Forgive someone.

Forgive someone who did something that hurt you.

46. Forgive yourself.

I know I am always thinking “I wish I did this!” or “I should have done that!” If you are too, forgive yourself for not doing whatever you think you should have done at the time.

47. Find a new recipe.

If cooking is something you enjoy find a new recipe to try. You can be daring and try something that seems like a stretch to make or make something easy that you know you will love.

48. Plant some seeds.

Grab a packet of seeds and plant some flowers or vegetables in your garden. Enjoy the sun and if you feel like it do it barefoot so you get the grounding benefits of the grass mentioned earlier!

49. Play with your children.

Really be present and play with your children. Play a game you enjoyed as a child or let them lead the way. Be amazed by these wonderful kids you have.

50. Play an instrument.

The piano and guitar are two instruments I find very relaxing to play. Get the arrangement for a song you enjoy and try to play it yourself.

mom playing guitar

51. Dance.

Put on a song you love and get up and dance like you have no worries in the world. You can also play a song your kids love and jump around and be silly dancing with them.

52. Doodle.

Remember those days when you were bored in class and just started doodling in the margin? Try that! Let your mind wander and draw whatever comes to mind.

53. Declutter a drawer.

Decluttering is a task that can sound overwhelming to most people (me included), but using a decluttering checklist can make it more manageable. You can start small. Pick a drawer to declutter. You may get into a groove and want to keep going. I hate decluttering but always feel so much better when I finish. Clutter is a big source of anxiety for me.

54. Buy beauty products.

Buy some new makeup, hair products, or skin products to use when you are getting ready for that date night.

55. Pick flowers.

Pick some flowers from a garden or go out and buy a pretty bouquet for yourself. Put them in a vase in a spot you pass by frequently. Fresh flowers can really brighten up a room and your mood.

56. Cuddle with your child.

Cuddle up on the couch with your child and watch a show together or chat about the day.

57. Take some photos.

Take photos of your kids or of the pretty scenery from your walk. Play around with the different camera filters and see what kind of cool photos you can get.

58. Print out photos.

We all have so many photos on our phones. Choose some to put in frames on the wall.

59. Buy a gift for someone.

Buy a gift for someone who has done something nice for you recently, who has been feeling down, or just for no reason at all. When you make other people feel better, you feel better yourself.

60. Donate to a charity.

Find a charity that has some importance to you and make an online donation. You could also find a donation box to drop off the clothes you are getting rid of after decluttering.

61. Make a self-care schedule.

Review this list and make a plan for your own mom self-care schedule. Schedule the items in your phone calendar so you will get reminders when it is time for your self-care. If you need some help start with my free 5-day self-care challenge!

mockup for free 5-day self-care challenge

Go ahead, do it!

I challenge you to choose one or two of these items to do each day over the next week. Try something new, or do something you already love. If you’re feeling adventurous go ahead and create a self-care vision board. You deserve to prioritize yourself! Let me know how it goes!

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