65 Must Have Self-Care Gifts for Moms in 2024 (Some are Free!)

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You need a break…before you break, mama. We are trying to juggle it all – the kids, the house, a partner, a job, or staying at home. I have child care – grandparents helping and daycare – but I still struggle on an almost daily basis. Self-care is saying yes to yourself, doing whatever it is that you want to be doing, whether that’s for five minutes or five hours. It’s so hard for moms to find the time to prioritize themselves, but self-care items are motherhood essentials and great resources for moms. Below are some self-care gifts for moms in your life or better yet mama, go ahead and treat yourself. Some of these ideas are even free!

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Self-Care Gifts for Moms Price Guide

  • $ = Under $10
  • $$ = $10-$30
  • $$$ = $31-$50
  • $$$$ = $51-$100
  • $$$$$ = Over $100
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A Great Fiction Book

One of my favorite self-care activities is reading a good book. Escaping into a great plot with memorable characters can take your mind off the daily grind of being a mom. One of my favorite authors, Elin Hilderbrand, just released her new book The Five Star Weekend. I have it waiting for me on my end table and can’t wait to read it!

Price: $$

A Date Night

Moms are constantly making decisions throughout the day – when to fit in laundry, what to cook for meals, what activity to do with the kids, so a date night where she doesn’t have to make any decisions is a great self-care activity. Bonus points if you plan out child care too!

Price: Varies

self-care gifts for moms date night

A Hand Massager

Many moms are typing at a computer all day. A hand massager is a great gift to help relax those tired hands.

Price: $$$$

A Head Massager

Who doesn’t enjoy getting their hair shampooed at the salon? The scalp massage part is so relaxing. Mom will love this head massager. I have one and it feels so good.

Price: $$

24-hours Away

Send Mom away for 24 hours. Uninterrupted sleep? A few uninterrupted meals? The ultimate self-care gift.

Price: $$$$$

mom sleeping

A Kindle Paperwhite

I know some people love holding a book, but I’m obsessed with my Kindle Paperwhite. It fits in my purse and I have an unlimited amount of books at my fingertips.

Price: $$$$$

The Magic of Motherhood book

I loved The Magic of Motherhood: The Good Stuff, the Hard Stuff, and Everything in Between, by Ashlee Gadd. It’s a collection of stories written by moms covering many aspects of parenting. I related to so many of them, and it made me feel less alone.

Price: $$

Motivational Wall Art

Self-care can be taking a break and reading some motivational quotes. This art piece has some great quotes and is beautiful to look at too.

Price: $$

Self-Care Kit

A mom self-care kit is a great gift since moms can get a bunch of useful self-care items all in one box. Self-care monthly subscription boxes are even better since moms can get some self-care items on a regular basis!

Price: Varies

Breathe, Mama, Breathe book

Breathe, Mama, Breathe: 5-Minute Mindfulness for Busy Moms by Shonda Moralis has so many quick mindfulness breaks for moms. All you need is five minutes!

Price: $

A Journal

Journaling is a great self-care activity for moms since it can be very freeing to just jot down all the thoughts you have running through your head. I like journals with prompts, so I really enjoyed The Mindfulness Journal for Anxiety: Daily Prompts and Practices to Find Peace, by Tanya J. Peterson. A blank journal is a great gift too!

Price: $$

A Painting Set

A painting set is a great gift for moms who enjoy that hobby. Painting can be great for self-care since you can get so immersed in your creation.

Price: $$

Bath Salts

What mom wouldn’t enjoy a peaceful bath? Throw in some bath salts for the ultimate relaxation.

Price: $$

Affirmation Cards

New mothers especially would love these affirmation cards. I like to leave some around my house to read whenever I happen to come across them.

Price: $$

Fifteen Free Minutes

Give Mom fifteen minutes to herself. Take the kids to a park or on an errand and leave her at home so she can get fifteen minutes (or whatever amount of time) of peace and quiet. This gift can have no cost!

Price: Free!

A Scented Candle

A scented candle for bath time or just some quiet time is another great gift. Lavender is such a calming scent.

Price: $$

Bath Bombs

I love using bath bombs! The fizzing sound and calming scent helps me relax for some much needed self-care.

Price: $

Comfortable Socks

After being in uncomfortable shoes all day, comfy socks can feel so relaxing. These are so soft!

Price: $$

Make a Coupon Book

Get the kids involved and make Mom a coupon book. A hug, doing the laundry, night off from cooking dinner are some coupon ideas.

Price: Free!

Herbal Tea

A cup of herbal tea and some quiet time is a great form of self-care. This assortment has some great flavors!

Price: $$

Exercise Equipment

Since becoming a mom of two, exercising has become one of my favorite forms of self-care. I have a Peloton Bike+ and I don’t know what I would do without it. There are so many other exercise classes to take besides just riding the bike. Health and fitness gifts for moms are so helpful for self-care.

Price: $$$$$

An Exercise App Subscription

If exercise equipment seems too pricey, there are many great exercise apps. Some even let you have a free trial like The Peloton App. Strength, yoga, mediation, cardio, boxing, riding, running, rowing…there are so many different classes to try to help clear the mind.

Price: Free to start, then a monthly subscription

Inspiring Mouse Pad

Moms who are on a computer the majority of the day will enjoy a mouse pad with some great inspirational quotes.

Price: $

Essential Oils Set

An essential oils set is a great way to get some calming feelings during the day. This set of rollers can be taken and used anywhere.

Price: $$

Shower Steamers

Sometimes moms only have time for a quick shower. These shower steamers can make that shower just as relaxing as a longer bath.

Price: $$

Wearable Blanket

A Comfy is a great gift idea for those colder days when moms just want to relax with a great book.

Price: $$$


Speaking of reading, these inspirational magnetic bookmarks are great for those moms who love to read. Since these bookmarks are magnetic, they will be very hard to misplace!

Price: $

Water Bottle

Drinking water is such an important form of self-care, but it’s so easy for moms to forget to drink because we are always thinking about everyone else. These water bottles are great since they have a time marker to keep track of how much water to drink throughout the day.

Price: $$

Sleep Mask

A sleep mask is a great gift for tired moms. What mom doesn’t need more sleep?

Price: $

Body Wash

Whether they are taking a quick shower or a longer bath, any mom could use some great smelling body wash.

Price: $$

Body Lotion

Moms will love to start or end the day with some body lotion in a calming scent.

Price: $$

Stress Balls

I like to keep these stress balls handy so I can grab one whenever I’m feeling tense. My daughters even enjoy using them!

Price: $$

Sock Organizer

A sock organizer may not sound like a typical self-care gift. However, spending some time on organization can really make a mom feel at peace. My sock drawer was a disorganized mess until I was gifted this sock organizer.

Price: $$

Shoe Rack

A shoe rack will help a mom display her beautiful shoes and will make it much easier for her to find a matching pair for a night out!

Price: $$

Inspirational Picture Frame

A sweet photo in a picture frame with an inspirational quote will bring a smile to a tired mama’s face.

Price: $$

Digital Picture Frame

Many moms forget about printing out photos, I know I do! A digital photo frame is a great gift so she can watch a slideshow of all the adorable photos she takes of her kids.

Price: $$$$

Mommy & Me Bracelet Set

Back-to-school time can be tough on both kids and moms. A mommy & me bracelet set can be a sweet reminder of the mother-child bond throughout the day.

Price: $

Spa Day

Massage, facial, mani-pedi, go ahead and make an appointment for Mom to spend a couple of hours (or the whole day!) at a spa!

Price: Varies

self-care gifts for moms facial

Storage Bins

An under the bed storage set is another item that may not seem like a typical self-care gift, but it can help a mom feel at peace after getting some clothes organization done.

Price: $$

Comfy Slippers

Putting on some comfy slippers will help a mom relax those tired feet at the end of a long day.

Price: $$


What mom wouldn’t love a hammock to relax on outside on a bright, sunny day?

Price: $$$$

mom on hammock

Recliner Outdoor Chair

If you don’t have a good backyard for a hammock a zero gravity recliner chair is another great gift for a mom to relax on outside on a summer day.

Price: $$$$$

Lip Balm

A moisturizing lip balm can help a mom feel more refreshed during the day.

Price: $

Seed Kit

Gardening can be a great self-care activity when the weather is nice. You can help Mom get started on her garden with a seed packet kit.

Price: $$

Instant Camera

An instant camera is a great gift idea for busy moms who can’t find time to print out all the photos they take. They can take photos and get prints right away!

Price: $$$$$

Vanity Mirror

Moms are normally rushing around to get ready but a vanity mirror will allow them to slow down and relax while putting on some makeup to go out.

Price: $$

Yoga Set

Yoga is a great self-care activity since it strengthens both the body and the mind. A yoga starter set can help Mom get started on making yoga a healthy and enjoyable habit.

Price: $$$

mom doing yoga

Indoor Herb Garden

Gardening isn’t only an outdoor activity. An indoor herb garden can help moms enjoy their gardening hobby on sunny and rainy days.

Price: $$

Eye Massager

This eye massager is a great self-care activity at the end of the day. I love using mine once my girls are sleeping. The whole massaging cycle takes fifteen minutes so you don’t need a lot of time in order to get the benefits of it.

Price: $$$$

Luxury Sheets

Sheets can be worth a splurge since moms are always needing more quality sleep. Boll & Branch sheets are so incredibly soft.

Price: $$$$$

Comfortable Pillow

Speaking of sleep, a comfortable pillow is a necessity!

Price: $$$

Adult Coloring Book

Self-care could be some mindless coloring! This coloring book will give moms a much needed laugh.

Price: $

Adult LEGO Set

Working on a LEGO set could also be a fun self-care activity. There are many adult LEGO sets for all different interests.

Price: $$$$

Weighted Blanket

Curling up under a weighted blanket can be so comforting for doing some reading or catching up on some much needed sleep.

Price: $$

Lounge Outfit

What mom wouldn’t enjoy some comfortable loungewear? I have this outfit in multiple colors!

Price: $$$


AirPods are a great gift for a mom who would enjoy zoning out to some music or a mediation.

Price: $$$$$

Plush Reading Pillow

A reading pillow is a really useful gift for a mom who wants to be comfortable in bed doing some reading or watching a show.

Price: $$$

Handwritten Note

I love when my husband or daughters write me a sweet note or draw me a picture. Handwritten items can be so sentimental and make a mom feel really special.

Price: Free!

Gift Card

A gift card may not seem like the best gift but sometimes moms need to be encouraged to spend money on themselves. A mom can choose what she wants, maybe one or more items from this list!

Price: Varies

Wine Making Kit

A wine making kit can be a great gift for a mom who enjoys a nice glass of wine. I have made a few of these kits myself and they are pretty easy and fun to do.

Price: $$$$

Salon Day

Make that appointment for Mom to get a cut and/or color at her favorite salon!

Price: Varies

mom at salon

Makeup Brushes

A nice set of makeup brushes can make a mom feel luxurious as she’s getting ready for a night out instead of just using those tiny brushes that come with makeup.

Price: $

Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

This essential oil diffuser bracelet is a beautiful piece of jewelry and also comes with some oils to drop into the bracelet. Mom will look good wearing the bracelet and will also feel good throughout the day smelling the relaxing scents.

Price: $$

Deep Tissue Massager

A deep tissue massager can be a great gift for a mom who feels sore after carrying around her kids all day. She will hopefully end the day feeling relaxed for a good night’s sleep.

Price: $$$$

Class for a Hobby

Does Mom like cooking, painting, or writing? Go ahead and find a class for her hobby so she can enjoy learning more about a skill that she really enjoys.

Price: Varies

Treat that Mom

Self-care can be difficult for moms since it is so hard to find time for ourselves. These gifts are great ways to pamper Mom and give her the push to really take some time out and focus on herself.

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