Is Motherhood Worth It? 15 Reasons Why It Is

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I have asked myself if motherhood is worth it more times than I can count. Struggling to get and stay pregnant with my girls. Suffering through multiple miscarriages, and conceiving my second took much longer than I had expected. I was definitely asking myself if motherhood was worth it. Battling postpartum anxiety after giving birth to both of my girls. I was constantly worried about worst-case scenarios, and was afraid to do things on my own with my babies. I wondered many times during that period if motherhood was worth it. These days, I am tired. I’m tired of telling my older daughter to stop bothering her younger sister. I’m tired of being asked for something as soon as I sit down. I’m tired of not having a break. I ask myself, is motherhood worth it?

Does motherhood get easier? It is hard. You feel lonely after becoming a mother. You lose your identity after becoming a mother. It’s not about you anymore, or you and your partner. Becoming a mother is life-changing. We are also told so many motherhood myths that cause us to struggle when they end up not being true for us. While I have asked myself many times if motherhood is really worth it, I can also tell you that yes it is. Here are fifteen reasons why motherhood is worth it.

You get to be a kid again.

You get to go back and repeat a lot of the activities you did yourself as a kid. Riding the carousel at an amusement park, playing carnival games at a street fair, sitting on the floor playing a board game, getting dirty finger painting, jumping through rain puddles, or dressing up in Mommy and Me Halloween costumes. Many things you may feel silly doing as an adult are the norm as a mother!

silly mom and child

You become more humble.

It is very hard to have a big ego and be a mother. You are covered in spit-up and wiping a child’s butt. You are likely wearing your hair in a messy mom bun since it hasn’t been washed in a few days. Children have no filter. They give very brutal and honest feedback about the way you look or act. You look and feel different on both a physical and emotional level after becoming a mother. Your ego is constantly being put into check and you become more humble.

You become more observant.

Children notice everything! When I go for a walk with my daughter she’s commenting on the pretty flowers she sees and the bird chirps that she hears. She notices so many details whereas when I’m by myself, I tend to be in a rush and try to just mindlessly get things done.

mom and child on walk

You are more confident.

You may be at your wit’s end trying to get your baby to sleep. You may want to pull your hair out the first time you try to get the kids out of the house on time. You research different parenting methods and motherhood essentials because you want to make sure you are doing the right thing and have the right supplies. Each time you tackle one of the many daily struggles, you improve and become more confident as a mother. I was so proud of myself the first time I took my daughters to the library alone and it ended up being a really fun outing.

You are a protector.

It is your job to make sure that your kids are safe and happy. The protecting aspect of parenting can be scary and comes with a lot of pressure, but it also brings about such a strong love and bond with your child that is not met by anyone else.

mom comforting child

You are a role model.

My girls make me want to be a good mother. I struggle just about daily, and I know it’s okay that they see me struggle. I do want them to see that I continue to push through even when times are difficult. Your children will look up to you and make you want to be a better person.

You laugh more.

Children say and do the silliest things! My younger daughter likes to lift up her shirt to show her belly or climb on the coffee table. My older daughter does silly dance moves around the house and tells funny stories that stretch the truth. I can always count on them to give me a really good laugh when I need it. If you need some help seeing the “fun”, read some funny parenting quotes that are bound to help you laugh at the daily struggles.

mom silly with child

You love more.

Your heart grows exponentially when you become a mother. After having my first daughter I didn’t think it was possible to love more, but then I had my second daughter and my heart grew even bigger. The love you feel as a mother is truly hard to put into words.

You receive the best hugs.

Children have a great way of sensing when you are having a bad day. The hugs I get from my daughters almost feel like medicine, raising me up when I am feeling stressed and down. A hug with an “I love you Mommy” just melts my heart.

mom hugging child embracing motherhood challenges and struggles

You are raising a better version of yourself.

I see so much of myself in my daughters! I try to guide them so they don’t make the same mistakes that I’ve made. My husband and I hope that they end up with a lot of our good qualities, but that they are stronger, more positive versions of ourselves too.

You are a teacher.

As a mother you teach your children so much. You teach them to how to walk and talk, and how to read and write. You teach them about values, manners, respect, love, and forgiveness. You are the most important teacher in your children’s lives.

mom teaching child

You are taught so much.

As much as we teach our children, they also teach us so much. They teach us to be more present and live in the moment. They also teach us about the importance of showing love and affection, forgiveness and acceptance. Your children will teach you about flexibility and trying new things. You learn so much from your children.

You are amazed by the little things.

Children go through so many little milestones – smiling, rolling over, sitting up, saying “hi”, a giggle, etc. Any new milestone is amazing to watch. Before I became a mother, I had no idea I’d be so excited to see my child stack cups in the correct order.

mom amazed by baby

You are amazed by the big things.

After lots of little milestones you get to the bigger milestones like walking and talking. Your child will start kindergarten and learn to read. As your child grows up, he or she will excel in a hobby like sports, music or art, and will eventually graduate. The days may feel endless but time does go so fast. During that time, you get to experience so many special moments. At least once a day I look at my girls and cannot believe I am lucky enough to be their mother.

You are their hero.

The bond between a mother and child is impossible to put into words. My daughters are my best friends and they tell me that I am theirs. My older daughter tells me she wants to be a mommy like me and that she wants to live near me when she is older. She tells me that I am the best mommy. You have plenty of bad days as a mother, but seeing the love in your children’s eyes makes the hardships worth it.

mom is child's hero

Is motherhood worth it? Yes, it is.

Motherhood can be difficult and lonely. You will miss the person you were before becoming a mother. However, the rewards you get from being a mother far outweigh the hardships. It takes time but eventually you will be embracing motherhood challenges and struggles. Even when motherhood is hard, it’s worth it.

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