Health and Fitness Gifts for Moms: 41 Items to Nurture Well-Being

As mothers, the daily juggle between nurturing their families and making time for self-care can be quite a challenge.

Gifts that support their health and fitness journey are a wonderful way to encourage them to make time for themselves, especially during morning routines, since moving can help manage stress. This comprehensive guide of 41 health and fitness gifts for moms is designed to celebrate the strength of the moms in your life. From stylish activewear that makes them feel good about themselves to wellness essentials that promote relaxation, this guide contains a diverse selection of gifts. These thoughtful gifts will not only honor the hard work moms do every day for their families but will also encourage them to nurture their well-being and celebrate their strength.

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Active Gear and Apparel Health and Fitness Gifts for Moms

1. Stylish activewear sets for workouts

Stylish activewear sets for workouts combine both fashion and functionality, making moms look good while they are working out, and also making them feel supported. This set from NOVA Active is a seamless sports bra and high-waist leggings, and comes in a wide range of vibrant colors.

2. Comfortable sports bras with good support

A comfortable sports bra with good support is critical for a great workout. I’ve struggled with finding sports bras that work well for me but I love MIRITY racerback sports bras. They come in an assortment of colors too.

3. Moisture-wicking workout leggings or yoga pants

A great pair or two of active leggings can provide more comfort while working out. Sweat management is key for workout leggings, so you have less skin irritation. 90 Degree by Reflex Powerflex leggings are ultra soft and lightweight.

4. Athletic sneakers for running or gym sessions

A comfortable pair of athletic sneakers are a must for running outdoors or intense sessions at the gym. New Balance Fresh Foam Roav sneakers have a fresh foam midsole for comfort and an Ndurance outsole for durability. The sneaker looks great too since it comes in many color combinations!

5. Breathable workout tops in various styles

Breathable workout tops help keep you dry even when you’re sweating through workouts. 90 Degree by Reflex Power Flex Racerback tank top is both comfortable and versatile.

6. High-quality athletic socks for comfort

A high-quality pair of athletic socks can provide more comfort for feet and reduce friction with sneakers. CS CELERSPORT ankle running socks have a reinforced heel and toe, and cushioned sole. They come in a great selection of colors too.

7. Sweat-wicking headbands for hair management during workouts

Sweat-wicking headbands are critical for controlling hair and absorbing sweat during intense workouts. Maven Thread‘s Sweat-Wicking headband is soft, stretchy, and non-slip, and also comes in many cute designs.

8. Workout-friendly hair accessories, like hair ties and clips

No one wants to be working out and have their ponytail or bun start slipping out! Workout-friendly hair accessories will definitely come in handy. Goody Active hair ties are pain-free with no metal so they won’t snag or pull on hair.

9. Reflective gear for safety during outdoor activities

Reflective gear is definitely useful for moms who like to run or walk outside at night. The MOONSASH comes in a variety of sizes, doesn’t need batteries, and is quick to get on and off since it doesn’t have any buckles or snaps.

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Fitness Equipment Health and Fitness Gifts for Moms

10. Yoga mat with extra cushioning and grip

A yoga mat with cushioning and grip is a great gift for a mom who enjoys practicing yoga. Manduka is a very reliable brand and their mats are responsibly made with 100% latex-free PVC, certified Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX. Get the yogi mom in your life one of these mats in her favorite color!

11. Set of resistance bands for versatile strength training

Resistance bands can help build strength, flexibility, and overall fitness. They are also portable and convenient, making them easy to carry and use at home, the gym, or on vacation.

12. Dumbbell set for home workouts

Any mom who is looking to tone up and build some strength would love a set of dumbbells. The CAP Barbell set comes with pairs of 5 lb., 10 lb., 15 lb., 20 lb., and 25 lb. dumbbells plus a rack for storage. The variety of weights make this set great for moms who enjoy arm, chest, and leg workouts.

13. Stability ball for core exercises

A stability ball is a great gift for moms who want to work on their core. Stability balls can also be used for pilates, yoga, and other low impact exercises, as well as HIIT cardio.

14. Adjustable kettlebell for full-body workouts

Kettlebell exercises use multiple joints and engage many muscles of the body. The kettlebell can work as a weight resistance and a counter balance for a variety of upper and lower body exercises. The BalanceFrom kettlebell set comes with 10, 15, and 20 lb. kettlebells.

15. Indoor exercise bike or stationary bike

An indoor exercise bike makes it very convenient for busy moms to work out at home. I can’t say enough about the Peloton Bike+. The bike classes are fantastic, but because the Bike+ has a rotating screen with 360 degrees of movement, moms can easily enjoy any class on the Peloton platform on and off the bike, such as strength, yoga, and cardio.

16. Jump rope for cardiovascular fitness

Jump ropes allow for easy and efficient workouts, and help to strengthen the body, lose weight, and increase stamina. The Loocio jump rope is made of steel wires that are coated in strong PVC material, making it very durable.

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Workout Tech and Accessories Health and Fitness Gifts for Moms

17. Fitness tracker or smartwatch to monitor activity

Fitness trackers can provide moms with valuable insights about their physical activity and health habits. The Amazfit Band 5 tracks blood oxygen saturation, heart rate, sleep, menstruation cycle, and fitness data such as distance, speed, and calories burned.

18. Wireless earbuds for music during workouts

Wireless earbuds make it easy for moms to listen to their motivating playlists during great workouts. They don’t have to worry about wires getting snagged and pulling the buds out of their ears.

19. Heart rate monitor for accurate intensity tracking

A heart rate monitor can allow moms to reliably monitor their heart rate, making their workouts more effective. The POLAR H9 heart rate sensor is reliable and connects to sports and smart watches, activity trackers, gym equipment, and other Bluetooth devices.

20. Armband phone holder for hands-free convenience

An armband phone holder lets moms work out hands-free when they still need access to their phone for playlists and keeping in touch. The TRIBE armband case is waterproof and fits most phones and phone cases.

21. Workout app subscription for guided sessions

The Peloton App is one of my favorite self-care apps for moms. It has thousands of classes in exercises such as strength, meditation, yoga, stretching, cardio, cycling, running, walking, and rowing. Some classes are as short as five minutes! This app is great even if you don’t have any Peloton exercise equipment. One of my favorite non-equipment classes to take on the app is Peloton boxing. You can encourage the moms you know to start with the free trial and then treat them to a subscription if they enjoy it!

22. Fitness journal for tracking progress and goals

A fitness journal is a great way for moms to track their workouts and be proud of the progress they are making with their fitness. Moms will love getting to look back on their journey months down the road.

23. Foam roller for post-workout muscle recovery

Moms can use a foam roller for balance, strengthening and flexibility exercises, as well as treating themselves to some nice relaxing recovery after a great workout.

24. Smart water bottle that tracks hydration

A smart water bottle will remind moms to drink water and stay hydrated. The Hidrate Spark PRO tracks water intake with Bluetooth and has an LED glow reminder when it’s time to drink.

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Wellness and Self-Care Gifts for Moms

25. Aromatherapy diffuser with essential oils

An essential oil diffuser will let moms take some time for relaxation and calmness with aromatherapy. The ASAKUKI diffuser contains a large and easy to clean water tank, 7 LED colors, multiple mist modes, a remote control, and a safety auto-switch.

26. Relaxing bath salts or bath bombs

Bath bombs and bath salts are great items for moms to enjoy in a bath. The fizzing sounds and calming scents will let moms get the relaxation that they deserve.

27. Meditation cushion or yoga bolster for comfort

A meditation cushion can give moms comfort during meditations and yoga. The Florensi cushion is made with sustainable filling and has a beautiful mandala pattern.

28. Guided meditation app subscription

A quick meditation is one of my favorite self-care tips for busy moms. Calm and Headspace are two very popular guided meditation apps that you pay for. Insight Timer is a free mediation app, but has an option to pay for an upgrade. With any guided meditation app you choose, moms will have thousands of options for meditations at their fingertips!

29. Herbal tea assortment for relaxation

A cup of herbal tea can help moms relax and unwind.  This assortment has some great flavors!

30. Sleep mask for better quality sleep

sleep mask can help moms get some better quality sleep by tuning out the environment. What mom doesn’t need better sleep?

31. Stress-relief coloring books or adult coloring supplies

Mindless coloring can provide some stress relief for moms. This coloring book will also give moms a much needed laugh.

32. Spa gift basket with skincare and relaxation items

A mom self-care kit will give moms the pampering that they deserve. The Retreat by Teak and Twine contains coconut milk bath soak, lavender oatmeal soap, hydrating facial toner, coffee beans, facial mask, bath salts, a soy candle, a knit facial cloth, and a gold coffee scoop. Send that deserving mom in your life on an at-home retreat with this luxurious box! If you really want to treat her you can check out some great self-care monthly subscription boxes too.

33. Acupressure mat for relaxation and pain relief

Acupressure mats stimulate blood circulation for recovery and release endorphins to naturally reduce aches and tension. The ProsourceFit acupressure mat is made out of 100% high quality thick cotton and plant based eco foam.

34. Essential oil roll-on blends for various purposes (calming, energizing, etc.)

An essential oils set is a great way for moms to get some calming feelings during the day.  This set of rollers can be taken and used anywhere. 

35. Portable neck and shoulder massager for stress relief

A neck and shoulder massager will help moms destress at the end of a long day or heal those sore muscles after a workout. The RESTECK massager has multiple kneading modes and heat levels, and is portable.

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Health and Fitness Gifts for Moms for Nutritional Support

36. High-quality blender for smoothies and shakes

A high quality blender will help moms make some healthy smoothies or shakes before or after their workouts. The Vitamix E310 Explorian blender is professional grade, has ten variable speeds, aircraft-grade stainless steel blades, and is self-cleaning.

37. Cold press juicer for fresh and nutrient-rich juices

A cold press juicer will help moms make some delicious fresh and nutritious juices for themselves. The AMZCHEF slow masticating juicer has a 7 segment spiral masticating function for maximum juice yield. It also has a reverse function to avoid getting ingredients stuck in the juicer which also makes it easier to clean.

38. Healthy cooking cookbook with nutritious recipes

A great cookbook will provide lots of recipes for moms to try and keep the whole family healthy. The Skinnytaste One and Done cookbook has 140 recipes for an instant pot, slow cooker, air fryer, sheet pan, skillet, or dutch oven. These recipes are low in calories with easy clean-up!

39. Insulated lunch bag for keeping meals fresh

An insulated lunch bag will help moms keep their lunches or snacks fresh if they are on-the-go during the day.

40. Subscription to a meal kit delivery service

Meal kit delivery services can help moms prepare meals in a more efficient way. I use Home Chef, but Hello Fresh, Green Chef, and Factor_ are some other options. Moms will enjoy cooking a variety of meals and can even choose meals where a lot of the time consuming prep work like chopping is done already. 

41. Food processor for quick meal preparation

A food processor will help moms do a lot of the preparation for meals in a quick and easy way. The Cuisinart food processor comes with a 14-cup work bowl, extra large feed tube, 7 food prep functions, and dishwasher safe parts.

It is crucial to recognize the significance of self-care and well-being since selflessness tends to be the norm in motherhood journeys.

These gifts have the power to uplift those special moms in your life and improve their overall well-being. Whether it’s a pair of comfortable workout leggings that motivate her to head to the gym or do a workout at home, or a meditation app subscription that helps her find moments of calmness, you are showing her that you understand her needs and desires. Here’s to the incredible mothers who give their all each and every day.

May these health and fitness gifts for moms remind them that their well-being is a precious gift to themselves and their families.

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