The Ultimate Guide on Self-Care Tips for Moms (100+ Ideas!)

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Full disclosure – I struggle with self-care. it’s hard to find the time or energy to take time for myself. There’s always so much to be on top of whether it’s for the kids, my husband, my job or the house that I find that my needs fall to the waste side.

Self-care is about finding time to do what you truly feel like doing, something you enjoy, something that makes you feel good about yourself. You have to carve out time for self-care tips for busy moms, make them part of your daily routine, even if it’s just in short five minute blocks. I’ve put together this list of 101 self-care tips for moms to help you find activities to add into your daily routine for some self-care.

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101 Self-Care Tips For Moms

  1. Read a chapter in a fiction book.
  2. Listen to a fun podcast.
  3. Watch your favorite television show.
  4. Go for a sensory walk around the block. Pay attention to what you see and hear.
  5. Do some yoga.
  6. Do a ten minute meditation.
  7. Listen to some calming music and close your eyes.
  8. Put on some music that will make you jump around and dance.
  9. Go for a scenic bike ride.
  10. Sit outside in the sun.
  11. Drink a glass of water with lemon.
  12. Write in a journal.
  13. Draw or paint a scene that you find relaxing.
  14. Practice a musical instrument.
  15. Get together for brunch with girlfriends.
  16. Stand outside on the grass barefoot.
  17. Lay down on a hammock.
  18. Declutter your closet or drawers. Use a decluttering checklist!
  19. Do nothing in peace and quiet.
  20. Try a new exercise activity.
  21. Get a massage or facial at your favorite spa.
  22. Have your hair cut or colored at your favorite salon .
  23. Work on your skincare routine. Buy some new products and try them out.
  24. Eat your favorite meal alone. Pay attention to what you are tasting.
  25. Play with your children.
  26. Buy yourself a new outfit.
  27. Write a letter to yourself. Give reasons for why you are proud of yourself.
  28. Take a nap.
  29. Drink a cup of herbal tea.
  30. Cook a new recipe.
  31. Get a manicure or pedicure.
  32. Write down five things you are grateful for.
  33. Do a video call with a friend.
  34. Light a scented candle and pay attention to the smell.
  35. Try the 4-7-8 breathing technique. Inhale through your nose for the count of four, hold for seven counts, and exhale for eight counts.
  36. Turn off your phone.
  37. Pick some flowers.
  38. Use some essential oils in a diffuser.
  39. Plan your next vacation.
  40. Take a drive by yourself.
  41. Curl up under a blanket.
  42. Take a class in a subject that interests you.
  43. Cuddle with your child.
  44. Make a list of things you have to get done.
  45. Do one item on that list and cross it off.
  46. Make a budget for your family.
  47. Print out some photos and put them in frames or an album.
  48. Play a video game.
  49. Listen to an audiobook.
  50. Watch your favorite movie from childhood.
  51. Go to a concert.
  52. Work on your hair routine. Buy some new products and try them out.
  53. Buy a pair of new shoes.
  54. Buy a gift for someone special.
  55. Bake your favorite dessert.
  56. Read one of the best self-care books for moms.
  57. Do some gardening.
  58. Practice mindfulness.
  59. Write a poem.
  60. Schedule the doctor appointment that you have been putting off.
  61. Volunteer for a cause that interests you.
  62. Work on your beauty routine. Buy some new makeup and try it out.
  63. Donate to a charity that interests you.
  64. Take some photos.
  65. Explore therapy options.
  66. Visit an animal shelter.
  67. Spend time with your parents alone.
  68. Let go of motherhood myths. Practice affirmations. Repeat them until you really start to believe them.
  69. Spend time at a park.
  70. Daydream.
  71. Write out a bucket list.
  72. Make plans to do one item on your bucket list.
  73. Put on a face mask.
  74. Go on a date night.
  75. Go away overnight by yourself.
  76. Visit your favorite place.
  77. Give out a hug.
  78. Read some motivational quotes.
  79. Ask someone for help.
  80. Ask someone how you can help them.
  81. Write down what you love about yourself.
  82. Apply for a new job.
  83. Stand in front of the mirror and talk to yourself positively.
  84. Forgive someone who hurt you.
  85. Forgive yourself for something you have done that has been weighting on you.
  86. Tell someone you love them.
  87. Spend the afternoon at the beach.
  88. Make a vision board.
  89. Do a puzzle.
  90. Do a self-massage.
  91. Shop for wall art.
  92. Put on a pair of fuzzy socks.
  93. Squeeze a stress ball.
  94. Organize a room in your house.
  95. Change your sheets.
  96. Do some coloring.
  97. Put together a LEGO set.
  98. Stock up on some healthy snacks.
  99. Do something you have been putting off.
  100. Write a story.
  101. Go for a wine tasting.

I hope you find this list helpful! Try adding a different item or two to your day over the next week and let me know how it goes. Trying something every day can really help you get into a self-care routine that you keep up with. I am hopeful that you will start to feel more refreshed mama! For an extra challenge, download my free 5-day self-care challenge!

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