Start a Self-Care Vision Board in 7 Easy Steps

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Amidst the chaos of our daily lives, finding moments for self-care becomes a necessity.

That’s where the concept of a self-care vision board comes in. A visual representation of your aspirations, dreams, and self-care goals all put together in one collage to serve as a daily reminder to choose yourself.

A vision board is used for manifestation of your dreams and goals whether that be for your family, job prospects, vacations, your home, date night ideas for parents, etc. In this blog post, I will describe self-care vision boards, their benefits, and how to go about making one.

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What is a self-care vision board?

A self-care vision board is a visual representation of your self-care needs and goals. You can fill the board with pictures, words, quotes, affirmations and anything else that will make you want to take care of yourself. It can be physical, something that you cut and paste together, or digital, something that you create online in a program, such as Canva, and print out.

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Do self-care vision boards work?

A self-care vision board doesn’t automatically bring your dreams to fruition just because you made one (ie., you make a board for a Bora Bora vacation and the next day you have the trip booked). However, these boards do work in the sense that you receive many benefits from having one:

  1. Self-care vision boards make you think about your goals and come up with a plan for achieving them.
  2. Your physical and mental health improves since you are focusing on activities that are good for you such as exercising or journaling.
  3. You are motivated to take care of yourself since you put together the vision board of so many wonderful self-care activities.
  4. Your board is a daily reminder to take time out for yourself.
  5. A self-care vision board provides encouragement to do self-care activities.
  6. Making a self-care vision board forces you to be introspective, learning more about yourself and asking yourself “why” you have certain goals or dreams.
  7. Designing a self-care vision board is a creative activity, and doing creative tasks can boost happiness.
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How do you make a self-care vision board?

A self-care vision board can be made in seven easy steps.

1. Brainstorm self-care goals

The first step is to list out all of your self-care goals. Think about your needs and desires. Are there self-care activities that you are already doing and want to keep doing? Include them! If you’re not sure where to start then review some self-care tips for busy moms and include any that sound enjoyable to you.

You also want to make sure that your self-care goals are well-rounded, covering all of the dimensions for well-being. You can make sure your self-care vision board is comprehensive by reviewing a self-care wheel.

2. Choose format for self-care vision board

The next step is to decide on the format for your vision board. Do you want a more hands-on experience such as cutting photos from newspapers and magazines and then gluing them to poster board? Then a physical board is for you. Do you prefer to work on your computer, gathering images from the internet and putting the board together in a program? Then a digital board is for you. Even if you’re not that technical don’t feel overwhelmed. Check out my self-care vision board workbook template below!

3. Gather supplies for self-care vision board

The third step is to gather all of the items you want to include in your vision board. You can search for:

  • Magazine photos
  • Pinterest ideas
  • Online images
  • Quotes on paper from magazines or newspapers
  • Quotes online such as be your best self-quotes or Peloton instructor quotes
  • Positive affirmations
  • Motivational stickers
  • Personal mantras
  • Photos of your favorite things
  • Personal goals

My 2024 self-care vision board workbook is for sale on Etsy and it can help you stay organized with this step.

mockup for self-care vision board workbook, create your own vision board using the template, instant download, fully editable in canva, 12 page template, edit, download, and print as many times as you want

4. Assemble the self-care vision board

Once you have all of the items you want to include in your board, start assembling it! You can glue or tape all of your items to poster board if you’re making a physical vision board. If you’re making a digital vision board then you can add all of your images and words to a template in a program such as Canva. You can still print it out and attach to poster board so it’s easier to display.

5. Display the self-care vision board

The next step, and one of the more important ones, is that you find a good spot to display your vision board. If you made a digital board you can even print it out multiple times and display it in different rooms of your house.

6. Reflect on the vision board

Another very important step is that you reflect on your vision board. Don’t just make it and then forget about it. Try to view and think about the board frequently. Reflecting on the board is a great activity to include in morning routines for moms. Adjust your vision board as necessary. If your circumstances have changed and a quote or image isn’t as meaningful to you anymore then replace it with something else.

7. Share your vision board

The final step, which is also somewhat optional, is to share your vision board with others. By sharing it with your family and friends you may inspire them to create their own. It can even be fun to design and discuss your vision board with others. Grab your favorite beverage and snack and get together with your best friends. Moms can always use some more girl time!

What are some common mistakes in making a self-care vision board?

While making a vision board is pretty easy, there are some common mistakes that you want to avoid:

  1. Rushing through making your vision board and treating it like a chore on your to-do list.
  2. Being vague or too general in your goals and desires. You want to be as specific as possible!
  3. Creating the board and then forgetting about it.
  4. Not following through on your self-care desires. You came up with all these great ideas, make sure you do them!
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Now it’s time to get started!

By creating a self-care vision board, you’re taking a step towards honoring yourself and creating a life that aligns with your values. As you reflect on your board, observe how you feel. Notice if your mindset and mood have changed for the better.

Your vision board serves as a reminder that you are a priority. Be proud of yourself, celebrate your progress, and enjoy those special moments of self-care.

Here’s to crafting a life that truly reflects the love and care you deserve.

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