Sensory Stocking Stuffers – 40+ Amazing and Cheap Ideas!

pin for amazing and cheap sensory stocking stuffers, 40+ ideas for kids of all ages!

Stockings are usually filled with treats and trinkets, but this year consider sensory stocking stuffers!

Sensory stocking stuffers are the perfect non-traditional Christmas gifts for children’s stockings. They enhance relaxation, stimulate the senses, improve focus and concentration, and provide some stress relief. Who doesn’t love those squishy balls? I know, I do! Sensory stocking stuffers are also reasonable, entertaining, and portable. They are great items to stash in a diaper bag for a family outing or car trip!

In this blog, I’ll share my recommendations for sensory stocking stuffers for the hands, ears, eyes, nose, and mouth. Get your shopping list ready!

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stockings hung ready for sensory stocking stuffers

16 sensory stocking stuffers for the hands

1. Fidget toys

My girls love pop fidget toys! They are just like popping bubble wrap, and keep my girls entertained for quite some time. Children and adults will get some stress relief from popping these toys.

2. Fidget bracelet

Children who love the pop fidget toys will also love fidget bracelets! They will enjoy pressing the bracelets for some stress relief.

3. Play doh

I love watching my girls make play doh creations. Kids can never have enough play doh! Play doh jars are great non-junk stocking stuffers for kids.

4. Kinetic sand

Kinetic sand is a fun compound. It oozes, moves, and melts right before your eyes. I even enjoy playing with kinetic sand, letting it fall through my fingers.

5. Monkey noodle

Monkey noodles can be stretched, pulled, twirled, squeezed, and then return back to their original shape. Kids will love watching them stretch from 12 inches to 8 feet!

6. Stretch balls

Stretch balls are a fun type of stress balls. They can be played with like a normal ball, squeezed like a stress ball, and stretched.

7. Puffer balls

Puffer balls are so fun to play with too. You can throw and catch them, wrap them around your finger, and bounce them up and down like a yo-yo.

8. Wikki stix

Wikki stix provide endless hours of fun for kids of all ages. They can be bent and molded together to make designs or used with other materials to make crafts.

9. Silly putty

Silly putty is fun to play with and can be relaxing to manipulate. You can stretch, snap, and pop it. I used to love pressing it against newspapers and see it pick up the ink!

10. Playfoam

Playfoam is another fun compound that can be squished, squashed, and shaped. It also never dries out!

11. Water beads

Water beads are soft and slippery, making them really relaxing to touch and play with. Kids will get mesmerized letting the beads fall through their fingers.

12. Mochi squishy toys

My girls love mochi squishy toys. They love throwing them at the wall and seeing the figures stick to it. Sometimes the toys even get stuck to the ceiling! They get a real kick out of that.

13. Sensory blocks

My daughters loved playing with sensory blocks when they were younger. The spiky texture is fun to rub over your hand and they are easy to put together and pull apart.

14. Mesh balls

Mesh balls are so addicting! I can’t stop squeezing them and seeing the ball part move through the mesh holes. My girls love them too!

15. Colored rice

Colored rice is another fun compound to pour and scoop. It can also be very calming to let the rice run through your fingers.

16. Pop tubes

Pop tubes are so much fun to pop, crinkle, pull, and stretch. They even make some cool sounds. I enjoy playing with them with my girls!

6 sensory stocking stuffers for the ears

1. Accordion

An accordion is such a fun instrument for kids to play. Children will love creating different melodies and moving the accordion back and forth.

2. Harmonica

A harmonica is another fun instrument for kids. It’s also easy to use and makes lots of fun sounds.

3. Guitar

Children will love strumming a guitar and creating tunes. My daughters love taking turns with our toy guitar. It’s cute to see them try to adjust the strings too!

4. Toy piano

Toy pianos are great musical instruments to teach children tone recognition and hand-eye coordination. The piano is also a soothing instrument to play.

5. Egg shakers

Egg shakers make such fun sound effects. Children will have so much fun shaking them to the beat of a song and hearing the sound.

6. Whistles

What child doesn’t love a good whistle toy? A slide whistle is even more fun since you can create many different sounds.

stocking filled with sensory stocking stuffers

7 sensory stocking stuffers for the eyes

1. Light up rattle

A light up rattle can stimulate babies’ visual perception. Babies will love seeing the different colors.

2. Light up ball

Kids will keep busy playing with light up balls. They will be mesmerized seeing them light up on impact!

3. Light spinner

Babies can create their own light show with a light spinner. Every push will make the toy spin and light up.

4. Light up wand

Children will be soothed and calmed by a light up wand’s captivating motion and lights. They will have fun creating light shows in any room.

5. Laser top

A laser top toy will keep children entertained for a long time. They will enjoy making the top spin as well as seeing the colorful lights.

6. Colored night light

Children will love relaxing in their bedroom with a color changing night light. There are multiple light flashing modes too!

7. Liquid timer

Liquid timers are so much fun to watch! My girls love them and I even get mesmerized watching them too. It’s so relaxing to watch the different colors flow.

6 sensory stocking stuffers for the nose

1. Scented stuffies

Scentco smillows are scented pillows that are soft and cuddly, and also have scents that last up to 2 years. Some scents are s’mores, blueberry, cupcake, pineapple, and more!

2. Scratch and sniff stickers

Scratch ‘n sniff stickers are so fun to collect and trade. Children will love getting surprised by the scent that they get to smell when they scratch them!

3. Scented markers

Scented markers are so fun to color with. Children can make beautiful creations and smell some fun scents too.

4. Scented putty

Scented putty has the fun of silly putty, with some calming scents too. Some scents are lime, orange, strawberry, and grape.

5. Scented lotion

Scented lotion can help children relax after a busy day. It can be great to use after a bath at bedtime.

6. Roll-on essential oil

Plant Therapy KidSafe essential oil is designed for children ages 2-10. The oils in the Study Time blend can help children calm down when they need some balancing.

6 sensory stocking stuffers for the mouth

1. Teether rings

Teether rings can be used when babies are going through teething or just need some soothing. My 2 year old still likes to use a cold teething ring when she’s upset.

2. Chew sticks

Chew sticks can help reduce anxiety and keep children focused. It can be fun for children to feel the different textures in their mouth.

3. Chew necklaces

Sensory chew necklaces can also help reduce anxiety and provide some stress-relief. They are also a safer alternative than chewing on hands, pens, or other objects.

4. Lip balm

Flavored lip balm can help kids soothe their lips. They come in some great flavors too!

5. Vibrating tooth brush

Children will likely enjoy the tickling feeling of a vibrating tooth brush. It will make teeth brushing time fun!

6. Chewy pencil toppers

Chewy pencil toppers can help keep kids calm and focused when they need to concentrate at school. The different textures provide sensory stimulation.

stockings ready for sensory stocking stuffers

Sensory stocking stuffers can add an extra layer of magic to stockings.

From stress-relief tools that transform tension into calmness to visually captivating items that stimulate creativity, the options for sensory stocking stuffers are endless. Maybe you’re looking for a gift for someone with sensory sensitivities, seeking to enhance relaxation, or looking to add a touch of joy to the festivities.

Children (and parents!) can always use toys or other items to help them relax and calm down. Sensory stocking stuffers are also great items for children to take along on their adventures. I hope you found some good stocking stuffer ideas in this post! If you need more Christmas gift ideas, check out some Christmas gifts for busy moms.

May your stockings be filled not just with gifts, but with the delight of sensory exploration.

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