71 Non-Junk Stocking Stuffers for Kids that Won’t Clutter!

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As parents, we know the holiday tradition of stuffed stockings is a cherished moment for our little ones.

I remember being a kid, coming down the stairs and feeling so excited to see a full stocking. I’d always want to start with those gifts! However, as a mom, the challenge arises when we want to fill those stockings with fun and practical items instead of disposable trinkets. In this blog post, I’ll dive into non-junk stocking stuffers for kids that go beyond the typical plastic toys.

Stocking stuffers tend to be small items that get thrown around and cause clutter or get lost. I’ll be sharing non-traditional Christmas gifts for kids that are fun, practical, wearable, or edible. Say goodbye to the clutter and hello to a stocking full of memorable surprises that will make this holiday season truly magical for your children!

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Fun non-junk stocking stuffers for kids (things they’ll love!)

1. Bath bombs

Bath bombs will make baths so much fun for kids! They’ll love the fizzy sounds and delightful scents. The Yekery bath bomb gift set even has surprise toys inside that show up after the bath bomb dissolves!

2. Temporary tattoos

What child doesn’t love temporary tattoos? My oldest is always so excited to put them on. The Partywind set glows in the dark! They also come in many different themes – dinosaur, ocean, space, unicorn, and cartoon.

3. Scratch and sniff stickers

Scratch ‘n sniff stickers are so fun to share with friends. Children will be excited to experience a new smell when they scratch them!

4. Gift card

Gift cards for a store, restaurant, or experience are awesome stocking stuffers for kids of all ages. They will get to spend the money on something that they want, so it definitely won’t go to waste!

5. Bubbles

Both my girls love bubbles, but especially my two year old! Even on a cold day she loves going outside to play with them. The Sunny Days Entertainment 6-pack of bubbles comes in different colors and the bottles are small enough for little ones to handle.

6. Play doh

Play doh is a great sensory stocking stuffer! My daughters love playing with it and I love seeing the creations they come up with. Kids can never have enough play doh!

7. Card game

I can still remember playing War and Go Fish with my grandmother when I was a kid. Children will love the Regal Games classic card game set. It comes with Go Fish, Old Maid, Slap Jack, Crazy 8’s, War, and Monster Memory Match.

8. Puzzle

Festive puzzles are great non-junk stocking stuffers for kids. Each puzzle in this set comes in its own tube so they will fit great in a stocking!

9. Book

If your children love to read, get them a book! My older daughter is on a Junie B. Jones kick. We both laugh out loud when we read those books together.

10. Wall decals

Wall decals are a fun way to decorate a bedroom since they’re easy to get on and off the wall. Children can always use some positive quotes on their walls.

11. Bath color

Crayola Bathtub Markers and Color Bath Dropz will make bath time a colorful experience. The bath drops change the color of the water and the markers can be used on the tub wall and tiles. Everything washes off with soap and water.

12. Cape

A superhero cape will let children use their imagination. The D.Q.Z. Star cape comes in multiple colors.

13. Bath toy

The Boon PIPES set lets your child be creative in the bath. They can play with the toys individually or combine them to make a chain.

14. Star projector

If your child enjoys astronomy, he or she will love the Fortally Kids Star Night Light. It has 9 different color modes and fills the bedroom with stars and moonlight. The light also rotates, making it a relaxing and mesmerizing experience.

15. Squishy

My girls are obsessed with squishy toys. They really enjoy throwing them at the wall or the ceiling. They get a real kick out of seeing the toys get stuck. 

16. Ear buds

Kids who enjoy listening to music, watching movies, or playing games will love AnRuk’s donut ear buds. They are stylish and come in many different adorable colors.

17. Glow sticks

What kid doesn’t love glow sticks? They can be used in the pool, bath, or in the dark.

18. Toy cars

Hot Wheels are great non-junk stocking stuffers for kids who collect cars. The set is an assortment of vehicles in different colors.

19. Sidewalk chalk

Crayola’s Glitter Chalk shimmers in the sun. Children will love coloring outside.

20. Nail art stickers

My daughter is always asking me to do her nails. She would love these unicorn nail art stickers.

21. Water bottle stickers

I didn’t realize that water bottle stickers were even a thing until my older daughter started bringing them home and exchanging them with friends. She’s always so excited to get a new sticker for her water bottle!

22. Fun straws

Fun straws are unique stocking stuffers for kids who are starting to drink from an open cup. They come in a variety of shapes and colors and it’s always fun to see the drink move through the straw!

child looking at Christmas tree, would enjoy non-junk stocking stuffers for kids

Practical non-junk stocking stuffers for kids (things they need!)

23. Journal

It’s never too early to get kids started on a mindfulness and gratitude practice. The 3 Minute Gratitude Journal for Kids is a kid-friendly daily journal that has them list out 3 things they are grateful for, a person who brought them joy, how they feel about their day, and what the best part of their day was.

24. Nail polish set

Kids will love the Airdom Nail Polish Set. It comes with 7 colors plus a glittery silver that can be used alone or on top of the other colors.

25. Lotion

Lotion can help kids relax after a long day of activities. It can be great to use after a bath at bedtime. 

26. Lip balm

Lip balm can be fun for kids to apply to their lips. They also come in so many flavors. My older daughter loves her lip balm.

27. Markers

Markers are great non-junk stocking stuffers for kids since they can be used for school supplies or for crafts at home. Crayola PipSqueaks markers are sized for kids’ hands and come in so many vibrant colors.

28. Crayons

Crayons are another great gift for school supplies or crafts at home. Crayola’s 64-count box of crayons comes with a built-in sharpener too.

29. Toothbrush

Brushing teeth can sometimes be a tough part of bedtime routines. However, children will likely enjoy the tickling feeling of a vibrating tooth brush and may even be excited to brush their teeth!  

30. Mug

Who said only parents need mugs? The F-32 Kids Stainless Steel Mug comes in a variety of 3D designs.

31. Flashlight

Children will enjoy using a flashlight on their little adventures, scavenger hunts, and games. The EverBrite Kids Flashlight comes in many different colors.

32. Water bottle

Kids can always use a nice water bottle! The CamelBak Eddy+ water bottle comes in so many different colors and prints. It’s also leak-proof when closed and spill-proof when open, a great feature for kids!

33. Band aids

My girls love band aids. They could have a teeny tiny scratch but insist they need a band aid. These days you can get band aids in just about any theme, such as Disney Pixar.

34. Fun night light

DORESshop’s night light comes in many different colors and shapes, such as a cat, unicorn, or dinosaur. The night light will help kids feel calmer at night if they are afraid of the dark.

35. Activity book

Activity books will keep kids busy and entertained. You can find one for any age! Sticker books are great for younger kids, and mazes and brain teasers are great for older kids.

36. Snack bags

Whenever we leave the house it feels like my girls ask for snacks non-stop. Reusable snack bags can really come in handy. The Bumkins bags come in such adorable prints!

37. Pencil case

Pencil cases can help kids keep their school supplies organized. The EASTHILL pencil case has a large capacity and comes in different colors.

38. Kids cooking utensils

If your child enjoys cooking and baking with you they will love kid-size cooking utensils. The Tovla Jr. kids cooking utensils set comes with a spatula, whisk, tongs, and rolling pin.

39. Fun pencils

Scentco Smencils add a fun twist to regular pencils. Besides coming in fun prints, they are also scented! The holiday pack has mint cocoa, candy cane, sugar plum, gingerbread, and snowberry scents.

40. Toothpaste

Kids can always use toothpaste! hello Kids toothpaste is fluoride-free with a natural watermelon flavor.

child under tree, would enjoy non-junk stocking stuffers for kids

Apparel non-junk stocking stuffers for kids (things they’ll wear!)

41. Socks

Children can always use some fun comfy socks! Color City’s socks come in cute prints with a non-skid bottom.

42. Ear muffs

Kids will love wearing Surblue’s animal earmuffs. They come in cat, reindeer, panda, bunny, and dog patterns.

43. Comfy pants

PRINCE OF SLEEP plush pajama pants are so comfortable that kids will just want to live in them. They come in some great patterns too!

44. Sunglasses

My girls love wearing sunglasses, even when it’s not a sunny day. RIVBOS sunglasses even come with a strap, making them harder to lose.

45. Slippers

Dearfoams animal critter slippers are cute and cozy and come in a variety of animals – unicorn, cat, dog, shark, dinosaur, fox, raccoon, and different bears. Grab a pair in your child’s favorite animal!

46. Gloves

Children will love keeping their hands warm with FENELY’s winter gloves. They come in many colors and are cable-knitted with warm fur inside.

47. Hat

Kids will look adorable wearing the Alepo pom pom hat. They’ll be nice and warm too since it has a fleece lining. Grab one in your child’s favorite color!

48. Bracelet

A stack of bracelets is a great non-junk stocking stuffer for girls. They can keep them for themselves or trade them with friends.

49. Headbands

My older daughter is obsessed with the Funtopia headbands. For the longest time she would only wear the pink one but she has finally started branching out into the other colors. The headbands are so cute!

50. Hair ties

A girl can never have enough hair ties! Bessrung’s hair ties come in many different colors and don’t snag or pull on the hair since they are seamless.

51. Scarf

An infinity scarf is great for kids since it’s easier to keep on than a regular scarf. The EPEIUS scarf is cable-knit on the outside and polar fleece on the inside making it comfortable and warm.

52. Mittens

Arctic Paw mittens are soft and thick keeping children’s hands nice and warm. They come in many different colors and patterns.

53. Fun shirt

It seems that my girls are always growing out of their clothes so they can always use a new shirt! The Children’s Place has a lot of great options for both girls and boys.

54. Mood ring

I remember loving mood rings when I was a kid, and now my older daughter likes them. It’s so cute to see her check her mood.

55. Comfy shorts

Girls and boys can always use a pair of comfortable shorts, whether it’s summer or winter. Some kids just love to lounge around in shorts.

56. Underwear

My younger daughter just finished potty training, so now she’s so excited to pick out her underwear each day! Her favorites right now are Bluey and Minnie Mouse, but there are many options out there to choose from.

Consumable non-junk stocking stuffers for kids (things they’ll eat or drink!)

57. Hot cocoa

Land O Lakes has a hot cocoa variety pack that would make a fun stocking stuffer.

58. Fruit snacks

Fruit snacks are a favorite snack for both of my girls. They like to fight over the Fruit Punch flavor.

59. Trail mix

Trail mix is another great healthy snack for kids. You can’t go wrong with a sweet and salty treat!

60. Hot chocolate bomb

If your kids like hot chocolate then they will love a hot chocolate bomb! Just add hot milk and the bomb releases surprises such as marshmallows.

61. Holiday stir sticks

A cup of hot cocoa will be even more delicious with edible candy cane spoons!

62. Cotton candy

Cotton candy is another fun treat for kids.

63. Chocolate orange

Terry’s Chocolate Orange was one of my favorite holiday treats as a kid! It was so much fun to smash the orange on the table and see it break apart into slices.

64. Candy cane

Candy canes are a festive treat to include in stockings.

65. Hershey’s Kisses

My husband started a new tradition where he puts Hershey’s Kisses in all the stockings. It’s definitely a sweet surprise!

66. Toblerone

A Toblerone bar is definitely a luxurious treat to include in a stocking!

Annual favorite non-junk stocking stuffers for kids – ornaments!

67. Daughter/son ornament

A personalized ornament is a sentimental annual stocking stuffer tradition. Ornaments by Elves has daughter and son (as well as other relative ornaments) that can be personalized with the year and a message on the banner.

68. Disney ornament

Are your kids Disney fans? Hallmark makes really cute Mickey and Minnie Mouse ornaments.

69. Marvel ornament

Hallmark also makes great options for Marvel fans. There’s Ant Man, Captain America, Hulk, and Iron Man.

70. Unicorn ornament

A unicorn ornament is a great option for little girls. Both of my girls love unicorns these days!

71. Other ornament

A dinosaur ornament is a great option for boys.

Items to stay away from

Mini versions

We have been gifted many mini versions of things, such as mini notepads, and they just don’t get used. Young kids especially write and draw big, so they can’t fit much on a mini piece of paper.


Erasers can be adorable, but are another item that is good to stay away from. I remember getting cute erasers as a kid but I was always afraid to get them dirty and ruined, so I didn’t want to use them.

Christmas stocking filled with non-junk stocking stuffers for kids

Make this holiday season extra special

By opting for meaningful and lasting gifts, we not only reduce clutter but also create cherished moments for our children. Whether it’s a book that sparks their imagination, a sustainable toy that encourages creativity, or a yummy treat, these non-junk stocking stuffers for kids are sure to leave a lasting impact.

This holiday season, let’s shift our focus from the temporary thrill of disposable trinkets to the joy of thoughtful gifts. By choosing items that align with your child’s interests and contribute positively to their development, you’re not just filling a stocking—you’re creating memories that will be treasured for years to come.

I hope you found some great ideas in this post!

May your stockings be filled with love, joy, and non-junk treasures that make this holiday truly magical for your little ones.

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