37 Mommy Must-Haves for Toddler Moms to Keep Your Sanity

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If you’re anything like me, you know that navigating the wild and wonderful world of toddlerhood comes with its own unique set of challenges and joys.

From the endless energy to the never-ending curiosity, being a mom to a toddler is definitely a rollercoaster ride. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of mommy must-haves for toddler moms that have been absolute lifesavers in my journey through toddlerhood. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a brand-new mom embarking on this adventure, these motherhood essentials are sure to make your days a little bit easier and a whole lot more enjoyable. So, grab a cup of coffee (or let’s be real, reheated coffee) and let’s dive into the must-have items for toddler moms.

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At-Home Mommy Must-Haves for Toddler Moms

The following mommy must-haves for toddler moms will help you keep your sanity when you’re at home, whether you’re trying to get some chores done, or just want to sit and relax for a few minutes.

1. Learning Tower

The Little Partners Kids Learning Tower is an absolute lifesaver! I have used it with both of my girls at the toddler age. It can be used when you’re trying to get some things done in the kitchen and want your toddler nearby in a safe but somewhat free spot. The tower can also be used to boost your toddler up if they are helping you with any food prep or other work in the kitchen. Your toddler can learn and be involved in whatever you are doing as they observe and help.

2. Toy storage

Toys everywhere drives me nuts and sends my anxiety through the roof. We try to have a somewhat organized area for toys and games and use a toy storage organizer with bins. When I’m trying to clean up I can quickly toss toys into the bins. Bins (rather than drawers or shelves) make it easier for toddlers to be involved in the cleanup process too!

3. Ring Doorbell

A Ring Doorbell is a must-have when you have toddlers running around all the time. When your doorbell rings you can quickly see who is at the door, and even talk to the person if necessary. You don’t have to rush to the door every time the bell rings. Ring Doorbell also gives you motion alerts so if you have a toddler that is able to open the door, you should be alerted if they try to leave the house.

4. Dust buster

Toddlers are messy, but I don’t have the time or energy to lug out the vacuum cleaner each time I want to clean up my kids’ crumbs. A dust buster, such as the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser, is a quick and easy way to clean up after the kids. I use mine multiple times a day some days!

5. OK-to-wake clock

If your toddler loves to run into your room bright and early to wake you up, try an OK-to-wake clock. When my oldest started using one at the toddler age, she would be so excited to run in when the light was “green” and okay for her to wake up. The LittleHippo MELLA is a night light and sound machine as well, with multiple colors and sounds to choose from.

6. Safe play area

It’s important to have a safe play area for your toddler, whether you set up a play yard or baby gates. A play yard can really come in handy by keeping your toddler contained with some toys. You can supervise nearby, but don’t have to constantly be on top of your child. With a play yard, you can also keep all the popular toys in one area instead of all over the room.

7. Toy kitchen

I’ve learned that with toys, less is more. Unfortunately I’ve learned that the hard way and now have a lot of decluttering to do! However, a toy kitchen is a must-have for some independent and imaginative play for your toddler. My 6 year old still enjoys playing with ours. That’s one toy that will come in handy for many years.

8. Toy cleaning set

Another toy must-have is a cleaning set. My girls love to use ours and pretend to clean the house. A cleaning set is a great open-ended and imaginative play toy and teaches toddlers cleaning skills, making them more eager to help with chores as they get older.

9. Activity books

Reusable sticker books and water books are a great way to keep toddlers amused when you need to get some chores done. They can be used over and over again making them useful items. Toddlers can enjoy some hands-on, screen-free play. Activity books are great busy bag ideas for toddlers too.

10. Kids’ table and chairs

A child-sized table and chairs can give your kids their own area to eat, do puzzles, crafts, and more. It can be convenient for the children to have their own special area for different activities.

11. Safety products

Safety products, such as a childproofing kit and video monitor, are must-haves so you can have a peace of mind in your home. Childproofing supplies keep your toddler from getting into drawers and cabinets that they shouldn’t be exploring. A video monitor allows you to keep an eye on your toddler when they are sleeping.

12. Potty seat

Your toddler may be ready for potty training, woo-hoo! I started with an actually potty but neither of my girls wanted to use it. They preferred to use a child seat on the toilet. The child seat is also very convenient since it’s portable.

13. Timer

A visual timer can really help toddlers understand the concept of time and is also a great tool for transitions. My girls would always ask for one more push on the swing, or two more jumps on the trampoline. When I’d agree they’d ask for one more, and the cycle would keep going. They follow a timer much better. Once the timer goes off, they know it’s time to move on!

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Feeding Mommy Must-Haves for Toddler Moms

The following feeding mommy must-haves for toddler moms will help you keep your sanity during mealtimes.

14. Tableware set

A toddler tableware set in a theme that they enjoy can make mealtime go easier. No more, “Not that bowl!”

15. Straw cups

The Camelbak Kids Eddy Water Bottle is a fun straw cup for toddlers. It’s easy for kids to use since it’s spill resistant and it also comes apart easily for cleaning. Kids like it since it comes in many different colors and designs. Both my girls love this cup!

16. Snack cups

My kids always want snacks. The Munchkin Snack Catcher allows toddlers to eat their snacks more independently. You just fill up the cup and the flap cover keeps toddlers from spilling their snacks everywhere.

17. Freezable lunch box

Both of my girls have Bentgo Chill Lunch Boxes and they love them. They’re great for daycare lunches or meals on-the-go. The removable and reusable ice pack can go from the freezer to the lunchbox to keep lunches cool. It’s also very easy to clean since the tray comes out!

18. Booster seat

A booster seat is a must-have for convenient eating at or away from home. The Summer Infant Pop ‘N Sit Portable Booster Chair can be used on the floor or attached to a chair. It can also be used both indoors and outdoors. It’s easy to clean as well as carry around with you.

Outdoor Mommy Must-Haves for Toddler Moms

The following outdoor mommy must-haves for toddler moms come in handy when you want to enjoy the nice weather at home. If the kids are entertained you can relax and get some Vitamin D!

19. Sun tent

A sun tent is a must-have for keeping toddlers in the shade while they are playing outside. The Pacific Breeze tent is lightweight and compact making it easy to use at home or at the beach.

20. Water table

A water table is an absolute must-have for outdoor fun at home. We love our water table. My oldest got it when she was around 1 and still loves it at 6. Our water table keeps both of my girls amused for a long time and they enjoy playing with it together.

21. Splash mat

My girls love our splash mat. We’ve had it for over 5 years and it still gets plenty of use on hot summer days! The spray is nice and gentle for toddlers.

22. Bubble machine

If your toddlers love bubbles as much as mine, then get yourself a bubble machine! No more blowing bubbles for your kids to pop, the machine does all of the work for you! My toddler loves chasing and popping the bubbles.

23. Bike

Bikes allow toddlers to build their motor and coordination skills. My youngest started with a balance bike at around 2. I didn’t know about balance bikes when my oldest was a toddler so she started with a Joovy Tricycoo that has 4 stages to grow with the child. Both are great and super fun for little ones!

24. Scooter

Scooters help toddlers build their balance and coordination skills. Toddlers will also have fun hopping on and off!

25. Trampoline

My girls absolutely love our trampoline! Toddlers can burn their energy jumping up and down, and you can have some peace of mind since the trampoline is enclosed, making it safer. I enjoy having some moments of relaxation while watching my kids have fun.

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Travel Mommy Must-Haves for Toddler Moms

The following travel mommy must-haves for toddler moms help keep your sanity when you need to leave the house with your kids!

26. Stroller

You likely have a stroller already from the baby stage. If you’re looking for a stroller in addition to your travel system stroller, the Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience Stroller is a great lightweight stroller. It’s also compact, making it great for travel and everyday use.

27. Car seat

You likely already have a car seat too. Graco 4Ever is a great option for after your child grows out of the infant carrier car seat. It’s a 4-in-1 car seat giving you 10 years of use as your child transitions from rear-facing harness to forward-facing harness to high-back booster to backless booster.

28. Diaper bag

I’m sure you already have a diaper bag, but if you’re looking for a new one, I loved my Ruvalino bag. It comes in many colors, with everything you need (even a super handy pacifier case!) and allows you to be hands-free since it’s a backpack style. Stock up your bag with diaper bag checklist items.

29. Car vacuum

If you let your kids snack in the car, I’m sure your back seat is frequently full of crumbs. Keep a car vacuum handy so it’s easy for you to clean up your toddler’s messes.

30. Travel bed

An inflatable toddler travel bed is a must-have for hotel stays and sleepovers at the grandparents’ house. It’s easy to store and carry around since you just need to inflate it (with the included pump!) when it’s time for sleep.

31. Travel toys

You don’t need too many, but it’s always good to have some travel toys for toddlers when you’re on-the go.

For You Mommy Must-Haves for Toddler Moms

The following are toddler mommy essentials for you, a busy toddler mom!

32. Leggings

If you’re going to be chasing after your toddler you might as well be comfortable! I live in my CAMPSNAIL leggings. They can be super casual with a hoodie or more dressy with a pretty sweater.

33. Slip-on shoes

Slip-on shoes are so easy to get on and off when you’re busy and in a rush. I love my TOMS Alpargata shoes! I have them in multiple patterns.

34. Coffee (and Coffee Machine)

Coffee is an absolute must-have for toddler moms, or any mom, to help get you through the day. I don’t know what I’d do without my Keurig. It’s such a quick and easy way to get a fresh cup of coffee. I love trying different flavors.

35. Kindle

A Kindle is a must-have if you like to read. I thought I would miss holding an actual book, but now I prefer reading on my Kindle Paperwhite. It’s small enough that I can just throw it in my purse. I love having an unlimited number of books at my fingertips!

36. Workout app

I don’t have the energy to leave the house to work out anymore. I love using the Peloton app. The app has so many options for classes, even if you don’t have any Peloton equipment. There are options for strength, shadowboxing, yoga, pilates, barre, meditation, and more!

37. Alone time

Alone time is a must-have for any mom, but is also the hardest must-have to get. The responsibilities and mom guilt make it so hard to take time for ourselves. My advice is to start small. Practice some self-love mantras for moms. Spend 5-10 minutes journaling for self-care. Start a self-care vision board. Once you see how helpful a short amount of alone time is, you will feel more comfortable taking more time for yourself.

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Every toddler mom journey is unique

Here is some words of advice for new mothers – every parenting journey is unique, and what works for one family might not work for another. However, these toddler mommy essentials have certainly made a big difference in my life as a busy toddler mom. I hope they bring you as much ease, joy, and sanity as they have brought me.

Finally, as a special gift for you, I’d like to offer you my free 5-day self-care challenge. It will give you some great ideas for your alone time!

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Here’s to embracing the chaos, finding moments of peace, and cherishing the precious memories made with our little ones.

Happy parenting, fellow toddler moms!

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